Unninstall Your Free Music Creation Software

Why do we must have a licensed music creation software? Why can't we just use the free programs out there and save our money for something else? Well, you could do that, if you are interested in making ringtones or in playing limited tiny keyboards. Or you want to be a DJ for children birthday parties, playing MIDI songs for them?Oh...that's so sweet! Perhaps you just like poor sound quality.

Get a free program and also get a 50/50 chance of installing a trojan virus on your computer, as most of these softwares are packed with them. Why not just hand out all your credit card information, just to be sure. And it's not just credit cards. Names, adresses, phone numbers, email adress, you name it - be sure they will get it.
You could have avoided everything by spending your one-night restaurant money on a licensed music creation software.
But hey, it was a free software! Does it feel free anymore?
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