I love making music with digital softwares!

I personally love making music for fun. But then I wondered, why not go pro, like the real artists out there. Should be easy, right?...wrong! I figured I needed a good software for this, and...skills. But I don't have musical education and I never played any instruments. So, how can I do this, then? Well, nowadays, I don't need any of those when I have digital mixing softwares. I just needed some time to get used to the basics, to understand what does the sequencer do, how to put some samples together and I could do my first track in minutes. Its not hard, anyone can do it.
I love making music but most of all I want to export my samples to social websites like:MySpace, Youtube,Facebook or even Soundcloud. A good software can automatically do that for you, in just seconds.

There are a lot of softwares out there but not every software has what you want. Usually, the good sequencer programs are the ones you will need. A sequencer is the most complex part of a mixing program - like an engine.
16-track sequencers are the best in the business. 16-track sequencers can create multi-layered and complex samples, before and after you finished doing the beats.
Normally, a good online software is no more than 50$ and should have simple layouts, so you can easily sequence from one sample to another, like a real music producer.
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